The Max box Dump box / skip pan is an important part of keeping a job site clean, orderly, and safe. Designed to haul sand, gravel, dirt, roofing equipment, and more, these boxes can help lift or lower important work materials to and from their destination. They’re designed to allow for quick and easy dumping and come at a variety of rated load capacities. 

All of our custom Dump Boxes / Skip Pans are built to withstand hard use and are compliant with ASME B-30-20 Under The Hook Lifting Devices. Each individual box is load tested, certified, and tagged to ensure they’re without flaw and ready to perform. 

Contact us today, and let’s find the right dump box or skip pan for your worksite! 

Max Box Dump Box / Skip Pan 

ModelDimensionsWorking Load Limit
Max Box 1000 Dump Box36” x 36” x 16” 1,000 lbs. W.L.L.
Max Box 2000 Dump Box50” x 73” x 23” 2,000 lbs. W.L.L.
Max Box 2000 DD (Double Dumper) 
50” x 73” x 23” 2,000 lbs. W.L.L.
Max Box 410 Dump Box 52” x 122″ x 26″4,000 lbs. W.L.L.
Max Box 410 DD (Double Dumper) 52” x 122″ x 26″4,000 lbs. W.L.L.
Max Box 8000 Dump Box52″ x 128″ x 36″ (1/4″ Plate)8,000 lbs. W.L.L.

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Max Box 410-DD

Max Box 410

Max Box 1000

Max Box 2000

Max Box 2000-DD

Max Box DD

Max Box 8000

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