It is sometimes necessary that elevated work be done in narrow or constricting spaces, and that’s where round cages shine. Unlike standard man baskets, round cages are built to be slimmer and narrower, giving personnel the ability to work in tight shafts under safe conditions when suspended from a crane. 

Conforming to OSHA and ASME other regulatory requirements, these cages can be as narrow as 24” in diameter, as wide as 92”, and have working load limits between 300 and 1,500lbs. Ensure your personnel have the protection and confidence they need to complete their elevated work with round cages from Lakeshore Industrial. 

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Round Man Baskets / Round Cages 

ModelDimensionsWorking Load LimitTest Weight Option
R-241 Manbasket24″ Diameter x 84″300 lbs. W.L.L.375 lbs. (detachable)
R-301 Manbasket30″ Diameter x 84″300 lbs. W.L.L.375 lbs. (detachable)
R-332 Manbasket36″ Diameter x 84″600 lbs. W.L.L.750 lbs. (detachable)
R-44 Manbasket48″ Diameter x 84″900 lbs. W.L.L.1125 lbs. (detachable)
R-60 Manbasket60″ Diameter x 84″1200 lbs. W.L.L.1500 lbs. (detachable)
R-72 Manbasket72″ Diameter x 84″1250 lbs. W.L.L.1563 lbs. (detachable)
R-804 Manbasket92″ Diameter x 84″1500 lbs. W.L.L.1875 lbs. (detachable)

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R-191 Custom Cage Round Man Basket (19″ OD X 84″) W.L.L. 300 LBS.

R-241 Custom Cage Round Man Basket 24″ Diameter X 84″ 300 lbs. W.L.L.

R-301 Custom Cage 30″ Round Manbasket 300 lbs. W.L.L.

R-332 Custom Cage Round 36″ Manbasket 600 lbs. W.L.L.

R-44 Custom Cage Round Man Basket (48″ OD X 84″) – W.L.L. 900 LBS.

R-60 Custom Cage Man Basket 60″ Diameter x 84″ 1,000 lbs. W.L.L. With Flat Solid Steel Roof & 4 Lifting Eyes

R-72 Custom Cage Round Man Basket (72″ OD X 84″ ) W.L.L. 1,250 LBS. Shown with test weight

R-72 FE Manbasket Fully Enclosed 72″ Diameter W.L.L. 1,250 lbs.

R-804 Manbasket 92″ Diameter W.L.L. 1,500 lbs.

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