Each Custom Cage man basket fabricated by Lakeshore Industrial is carefully engineered to meet all relevant ASME and OSHA regulations. When your personnel’s safety is on the line, there’s no room for error or imperfection. That’s why businesses and municipalities trust our Custom Cages to perform in the demanding environments for which they’re needed. 

Learn more about OSHA regulations for man baskets and cages, click here.

OSHA requires that cages and baskets be rated to a designated overall load limit. Lakeshore Industrial rates the cage at 250 lbs. per person and 300 lbs. for a single occupant.  

The one state exception to this rule involves Washington state. Their rate requirement is 500 lbs. for the first person and 250 lbs. for each additional person. 

OSHA only requires overhead protection if there is a danger of falling objects from above. 

While not a requirement for every man basket, it is a customization option we do offer. 


OSHA requires businesses to complete trial lifts, inspections, and proof testing when setting up a man basket for work. These tests must be performed with a weight of 125% of the platform’s rated capacity and must be evenly distributed.  

Our Quick Pin Release Test Weight makes these tests easy, safe, and ensures that they’re up to specifications. By using four individual pins, the tests are accurate and easy to install without heavy bars or loose parts. 

No, U.S. follows OSHA 29 CFR Subpart CC Part 1926.1431 and Canada follows WCB Standards WPL 2-2004. There are differences to these two sets of codes, which we would love to help you navigate when it comes time to order your man basket. 

Lakeshore Industrial’s platform design is by far the most wind resistant in the industry. We offer a stronger and more purpose-built design that can prevent your cage from being buffeted by gusts, leading to a safer workspace. 

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