Lakeshore Industrial is known for the manufacturing of a safe and high quality personnel cages which are designed to meet ASME and OSHA Regulations. To read more on OSHA Regulations pertaining to personnel cages (1926.1431) click here.

Some questions frequently asked when purchasing a manbasket:

What is the load rating requirement for each occupant?

OSHA requires an overall rated load. Lakeshore Industrial rates the cage at 250 lbs per person and 300 lbs for a single occupant. There is one exception with Washington State the rate requirement is 500 lbs. for the first person and 250 lbs. for each additional person.

What is the requirement for overhead protection?

OSHA only requires overhead protection if there is a danger of falling objects from above.
This is available as an option on our manbaskets.

Is the test weight required?

OSHA does require that you do a trial lift and inspection and Proof testing. This shall be performed with a weight of 125% of the platforms rated capacity evenly distributed. Lakeshore Industrial recommends purchasing our Quick Pin Release Test Weight. The arms are attached to the test weight so there are only four pins to attach the test weight to the cage. No heavy bars or loose parts.

Are U.S. and Canada Regulations the same?

No, U.S. follows OSHA 29 CFR Subpart CC Part 1926.1431 and Canada follows WCB Standards WPL 2-2004.

Is the platform design wind resistant?

Lakeshore Industrial’s platform design is by far the most wind resistant in the industry.

Are the bridles certified and properly tagged?

All Lakeshore Industrial’s bridles are certified and properly tagged, certification is supplied.

Are the critical weld area magnetic particle tested, and is certification supplied upon request?

All Lakeshore Industrial’s platforms are magnetic particle tested and certification is supplied upon request.

How long has the company been in business?

Lakeshore Industrial has been in business since 1999, with many previous years of experience in the industry.

Does the company carry Product Liability Insurance?

Lakeshore Industrial does carry product liability insurance on all of our platforms.

Are the cages welded by a Certified Welder?

All of Lakeshore Industrial’s platforms are welded by certified welders.

What kind of Warranty do they offer?

Lakeshore Industrial offers a three year warranty on all personnel cages.

Are the platforms test loaded?

All of Lakeshore Industrial’s cage’s are test loaded prior to shipping. Load test certificate is included with the cage.

Are the test weight’s certified weight’s from the manufacturer, or do you have to certify them yourself?

Lakeshore Industrial only offers certified weight’s.


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