As industry leader we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable about the complexities surrounding man basket regulations. Here are just a few FAQ we receive. For more information be sure to check out our blog page.

Lakeshore Industrial does carry product liability insurance on all of our platforms. 

All of our platforms and baskets are fabricated by our team of certified welders. Each welder has received requisite training and creates your Custom Cage to adhere with all relevant state and federal codes.  

We fully stand behind every single one of our Custom Cages and know that they’ll perform when it counts. We include an industry-leading 3-year warranty on all man baskets and a 2-year warranty on all material cages, ensuring that your basket is exactly what you paid for. 

The test weight is a large steel plate that attaches to the bottom of your cage.  It is used to do your trial lift on the job site. OSHA requires a trial lift of your man basket at 125% of the working load every time the crane moves to a new location. For more click the following link.  What is a test weight?  

The bridle assembly is the rigging used to lift your cage. The bridle is required to be rotation resistant and rated at a capacity of 5x the total amount you will be lifting. We use a non-tear, rotation-resistant wire rope assembly.  

The 5th leg of a bridle assembly is an additional safety option. The 5th leg attaches above the crane hook as an extra safety line in case of failure of the other 4 legs. This bridle is required in California. Washington requires a special “loop style 5th leg.”   

No, the only time you would need to have your cage re-certified would be if you made any modifications to it. You just need to keep doing your inspections every time you use the cage and keep a log of the inspections. 

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