Frequently used for aerial maintenance work, these work platforms allow forklifts or telehandlers to be used to safely lift employees. Built to meet all legal requirements, these baskets are designed to securely attach to the tines of a forklift or telehandler and safely retain a worker as they perform their duties. 

Our forklift and telehandler work platforms are rated up to a 1,500-pound working load limit and can be customized to fit your fork tines. Safely elevate your personnel to new heights with work platforms from Lakeshore Industrial. 

Get in touch with us today and find the right work platform for your forklift! 

ModelDimensionsWorking Load Limit
FL-38 Work Platform  41″ x 41″1,000 lbs. W.L.L.
FL-44 Work Platform 48″ x 48″1,000 lbs. W.L.L.
FL-342 Work Platform     36” x 48”1,000 lbs. W.L.L.
FL-353 Work Platform 36” x 60”  1,000 lbs. W.L.L.
FL-455 Work Platform 48″ x 60″1,000 lbs. W.L.L.
FL-466 Work Platform 48″ x 72″1,000 lbs. W.L.L.
FL-488 Work Platform 48″ x 96″1,500 lbs. W.L.L.
FL-588 Work Platform60” x 96”1,000 lbs. W.L.L.
T-46 Work Platform48″ x 72″1,000 lbs. W.L.L.
T-416 Telehandler Work Platform 48″ x 192″1,500 lbs. W.L.L.
T-410 Telehandler Work Platform48″ x 120″1,500 lbs. W.L.L.
T-412 Telehandler Work Platform 48″ x 144″1,500 lbs. W.L.L.
ModelDimensionsWorking Load Limit
MFL-342    36” x 48” x 44”  600 lbs. W.L.L.
MFL-353   36” x 60” x 44”900 lbs. W.L.L.
MFL-466   48” x 72” x 44” 1,200 lbs. W.L.L.

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FL-38 Forklift Work Platform

FL-44 Forklift Work Platform

FL-342 Forklift Work Platform

FL-353 Forklift Work Platform

T-410 Telehandler Work Platform

T-412 Telehandler Work Platform

FL-455 Forklift Work Platform

FL-488 Forklift Work Platform with Back

FL-588 Forklift Work Platform

MFL-342 Multi Purpose Cages

MFL-353 Multi Purpose Cages

MFL-466 Multi Purpose Cages

T-46 Telehandler Work Platform

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