Delivering building materials to high-up construction sites can be a difficult and potentially dangerous undertaking. With material handling cages from Lakeshore Industrial, they can be safer and far easier. Our custom cages are designed to accommodate a variety of sizes of equipment, from standard 55-gallon drums to oversized equipment weighing up to 8,000 pounds. 

You can customize your material handling cages to meet your exact needs, with forklift pockets, single or multiple pick points, and casters. Each of our baskets is load tested to ensure complete compliance and comes with a two-year warranty. No matter what equipment and materials you need moved, we’ve got a material handling cage that can get the job done. 

All available with no Gate, Gate or Ramp 

Ensure your crew handles your materials safely with a Custom Cage from Lakeshore Industrial. Reach out to us today for a quote!

Material Cages Material Handling Cages 

ModelDimensionsWorking Load Limit
M-33 STK (Stackable) Custom Material Cage
**New Product
36″ x 36″ x 44″ 2,500 lbs. W.L.L.
M-44 STK (Stackable) Custom Material Cage
** New Product
48″ x 48″ x 44″2,500 lbs. W.L.L
M-32 B Custom Barrel Cage 32″ x 32″ x 36″1,000 lbs. W.L.L.
M-35 Custom Material Cage 36″ x 60″ x 18″2,000 lbs. W.L.L.
M-36 Custom Material Cage 36″ x 24″ x 24″2,000 lbs. W.L.L.
M-443 Custom Material Cage  48” x 48” x 36”2,000 lbs. W.L.L.
M-453 Custom Material Cage   48″ x 60″ x 36″2,000 lbs. W.L.L.
M-45 Custom Material Cage 48” x 60” x 18”2,000 lbs. W.L.L.
M-46 Custom Material Cage 48″ x 72″ x 42″2,500 lbs. W.L.L.
M-48 Custom Material Cage 48″ x 48″ x 36″4,000 lbs. W.L.L.
M-54 Custom Material Cage54” x 54” x 362,000 lbs W.L.L.
M-54 2T Custom Material Cage 60″ x 48″ x 24″ 4,000 lbs. W.L.L.
M-55 Custom Material Cage 55″ x 55″ x 48″ 3,000 lbs. W.L.L.
M-60 Custom Material Cage 
60″ x 60″ x 44″2,500 lbs. W.L.L. or 4,000 lbs. W.L.L
M-68 Custom Material Cage 72″ x 96″ x 48″4,000 lbs. W.L.L.
M-72 Custom Material Cage 72″ X 48″ X 36″2,500 lbs. W.L.L.  
M-444 Custom Material Lift Cage 48″ x 48″ x 48″ 2,000 lbs. W.L.L.
M-472 Custom Material Cage48″x72″x42″2,000 lbs. W.L.L.
M-315 Custom Material Cage3′ X 15′ X 24″ 4,000 lbs. W.L.L.
M-510 Custom Material Lift Cage5′ x 10′ x 48″ 4,000 lbs. W.L.L.
M-512 Custom Material Lifting Cage 
5′ x 12′ x 30″4,000 lbs. W.L.L.
M-617 Custom Material Cage6′ x 17′ OD x 4′ high ID rail6,000 lbs. W.L.L.
FLM-46 Custom Fork Truck Material Cage 48” x 72” x 44” 2,000 lbs. W.L.L.

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M-32B Material Cage

M-35 Material Cage

M-36 Material Cage

M-45 Material Cage

M-46 Material Cage

M-48 Material Cage

M-54 2T Material Cage

M-54 Material Cage

M-55 Material Cage

M-60 Material Cage

M-68 Material Cage

M-72 Material Cage

M-315 Material Cage

M-443 Material Cage

M-444 Material Cage

M-453 Material Cage

M-472 Material Cage

M-510 Material Cage

M-512 M Material Cage

M-617 Material Cage

M-33 STK (Stackable) Material Cage

M-33 STK Shown stacked

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